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Lake Miltona

Lake Miltona is a popular, heavily developed recreational lake located about ten miles north of Alexandria in Douglas County. The lake offers diverse habitat and structure; including extensive shallow flats, submerged islands and bars, and depths over 100 feet. Water quality and clarity are considered good. Seechi disk transparency is usually ten feet or greater during summer months. Lake Miltona supports an abundant and diverse aquatic plant community, including large beds of hardstem bulrush. These aquatic plants provide important spawning and cover habitat for many fish species. They also help to maintain water quality and protect the shoreline from wave and boat traffic induced erosion.

Lake Ida

Lake Ida is primarily managed for walleye with bass and sunfish being species of secondary management importance. Gill netting data indicated that walleye abundance was relatively low in 2003; only 3.9 walleye per net were captured in 2003. Despite one of the lowest walleye gill net catches ever documented on Lake Ida, angler reports for larger walleye were encouraging during fall 2003. Size structure of the 2003 capture sample was good with over 55% of the sample exceeding 15 inches in length. Sixteen percent of the sample exceeded 20 inches. Mean weight of walleyes was 1.7 pounds. Fall electrofishing efforts indicated that a strong year class was produced in 2001 and moderate year classes were produced in 2002 and 2003. Thus, walleye abundance will likely improve as these year classes grow and become available to anglers. Because of the continued decline in walleye abundance over the past decade an aggressive stocking program has been initiated on Lake Ida. Walleye fry were stocked in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004. Walleye fingerlings were stocked in 2000 and 2003. Success of these stocking efforts has been highly variable and it's difficult to sustain high walleye abundance in a lake the size of Lake Ida with supplemental stocking. Successful natural reproduction and recruitment are the keys to improving and maintaining walleye abundance.

Lake Christina

Lake Christina is a large, shallow basin located near the town of Ashby in west-central Minnesota. The lake is nationally recognized as a critical staging area for migrating waterfowl, especially canvasbacks. The lake is known to alternate between a clear water state in which aquatic macrophytes are dominant and a turbid phase characterized by poor water clarity and high phytoplankton density. Rotenone was used in 1987 and 2003 to reduce the existing fish community and induce a shift from the turbid state to a clear water state. Comprehensive monitoring of the lake ecosystem has followed each chemical treatment. The DNR Section of Fisheries teamed with researchers from the University of St. Thomas to monitor the fish community in 2005

Lake Christina is designated as a Wildlife Management Lake and is managed for migratory waterfowl. The lake is following the same trend as the last time it was treated with rotenone. Water clarity improved dramatically in 2005 and submergent vegetation was lush and abundant. Management efforts will continue to be directed towards minimizing the abundance of fish present in Lake Christina. The lake is closed to fishing.

Lake Carlos

Lake Carlos is a 2,520-acre basin located about five miles north of Alexandria. It is the largest and deepest lake within the Alex chain. Maximum depth is 163 feet. The lake fully supports recreational use and is popular for both angling and other water-based recreation. Boaters can access other lakes within the chain via navigable channels. Lake Carlos State Park is located along the north shore of the lake and provides camping sites, a nice swimming beach, and a boat ramp. Most of the shoreline is heavily developed with residential housing. Water quality and clarity are considered good. Secchi disk transparency averages about 11 feet during summer months.

Lake Carlos supports a stable, well-balanced fish community. Largemouth bass, bluegill, black crappie, and northern pike are abundant and provide ample fishing opportunities. Anglers can expect high catch rates for all of these species. The lake is well known to bass anglers. The Alex chain hosts several largemouth bass tournaments throughout the year.

Lake Mary

Lake Mary is a heavily developed recreational lake located southwest of Alexandria in Douglas County. Numerous resorts attract many tourists to the lake during summer months. It is also a popular destination for local anglers. Two public accesses are operable. However, the access located on the north shore is relatively shallow and is not conducive to launching larger boats, especially during years with lower water levels. Water quality and aquatic habitat remain good and support a diverse fish community. Submergent vegetation is common throughout the basin and grows at depths up to twenty feet. Extensive areas of emergent vegetation are also present. This aquatic vegetation provides spawning and nursery areas for many gamefish species. Firm bottom substrate consisting of sand, gravel, and rock are common throughout the lake. A large rock, gravel bar located on the north end of the lake is the preferred spawning area for walleye. Protection of these critical habitats is essential to maintaining a healthy fish community.

Lobster Lake

Lobster Lake, located west of Alexandria, is a moderately developed lake which receives heavy recreational usage during summer months. Good water quality remains throughout the summer with a mid-summer secchi reading of 7.0 feet. Lobster Lake supports an abundant and diverse aquatic plant community. These aquatic plants provide critical fish habitat and compete with nuisance algae for the ava.

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