The Home Inspection - Buying Your Alexandria Home With Confidence

Now that your offer has been accepted, the very best way to provide you peace of mind when buying your Alexandria area home is to secure a home inspection. Because you should be able to buy your home with confidence, it is my desire to promote a positive home buying experience. If the seller has not already arranged for a home inspection (a few sellers will do this), I will help coordinate this part of the home buying process on your behalf. This bears repeating - a home inspection provides you, the home buyer, peace mind and helps determine the overall condition of the home you’re purchasing.

Helping You Select The Right Home Inspector

If you need assistance selecting a qualified ASHI home inspector (American Society of Home Inspectors), I am able to recommend several reputable inspectors who will make sure every system in the home you’re buying is in good working order. If you wish to select someone to inspect your home, below is a list of recommended questions to ask before you “hire” your home inspector:

  • What licenses, designations or certifications do you possess?
  • Are you required to attend recurrent training classes/courses?
  • If so when, where and how often?
  • How detailed are your inspections? In other words - the scope of your inspections?
  • Will I receive a detailed report of the services you provide?
  • How many inspections do you perform each year on residential homes similar to the home I’m buying?
  • How long will it take to perform the inspection?
  • Will I be allowed to accompany you on the inspection?
  • How about my agent – can they come along too?
  • What type of inspection report will I receive?
  • Will it include an estimate of costs to repair any defects?
  • How soon after you complete your inspection will I receive a copy of the inspection summary?
  • Do you carry errors-and-omissions insurance and do you provide any warranties/guarantees?
  • How much does the inspection cost?
  • How soon can the inspection be performed?
  • Do you provide a list of past clients for references?

Do You Know What Happens During a Home Inspection?

The primary reason for a home inspection is to review and check each system of the home including the following systems:

  • The HVAC System (Heat & AC)
  • The plumbing system
  • The electrical system
  • The roof
  • Any and all appliances that convey with the property

Specialists are also available to inspect the home’s foundation as well as mold and mildew.

After a Home Inspection

Following your home inspection, you will receive a copy of the inspection report. It’s possible you may have never purchased a home. Please keep in mind, no home is perfect – even new homes are defects and problems. With that said, a typical home inspection report will identify each item inspected and the results of the inspection. It is at this point negotiations begin to determine how to handle repairs. In a typical real estate transaction, repairs are made and paid for by the seller. There are other options for the seller and they may elect to offer to only repair certain items identified on the report.

Your Alexandria Home Buying Expert

Remember, as your Alexandria home buying expert, my mission is to get you into your home in the time period you desire, and at a price that’s right for your budget without fear something could go wrong at the last minute. Now that’s buying with confidence! Are you ready to get started with your home search?

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